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This site is based on Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings, 8th Edition
Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings is the leading work on this important and dynamic area of law. For 20 years it has provided authoritative guidance to lawyers, tribunals, and other experts dealing with professional discipline and regulation.

5th Edition Updates

Chapter 1: The basis and extent of the jurisdiction

Chapter 2: The right to a fair trial

Chapter 3: The common framework

Chapter 4: The grounds for disciplinary action

Chapter 5: The role of ethical guides and codes of practice

Chapter 6: Commencing an investigation

Chapter 7: The investigation

Chapter 8: The decision to prosecute

Chapter 9: The tribunal

Chapter 10: Pre-trial issues

Chapter 11: Public hearings

Chapter 12: Witnesses, evidence and proof

Chapter 13: The hearing

Chapter 14: Penalties, powers and costs

Chapter 15: Appeal and judicial review

Chapter 16: Regulatory functions

Chapter 17: The enforcement powers of the Financial Services Authority

Chapter 18: Healthcare regulation

Chapter 19: The regulation of legal services

Chapter 20: The civil liability of disciplinary and regulatory bodies

Chapter 21: The retrospective effect of rule changes

Chapter 22: Data protection and freedom of information

Chapter 23: Practical advice

Chapter 24: Exemplars

Appendix: The Human Rights Act 1998