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This site is based on Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings, 8th Edition
Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings is the leading work on this important and dynamic area of law. For 20 years it has provided authoritative guidance to lawyers, tribunals, and other experts dealing with professional discipline and regulation.

Indicative Sanctions Guidance

The lack of indicative sanctions guidance for a disciplinary tribunal was impliedly criticized recently by Mrs Justice Nicola Davies when she said: ‘the SDT (Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal) has not published Indicative Sanctions Guidance. Such guidance identifies the purpose, parameters and range of sanctions. It permits those who appear before it to better understand the proceedings and the thinking of the SDT. It assists the transparency of the proceedings. Such guidance has been used by other regulatory bodies for some years and is a valuable reference point both for the tribunal and for those who appear in front of it, as practitioners or advocates.’ Hazelhurst & Ors v Solicitors Regulation Authority [2011] EWHC 462 (Admin).
For guidance on indicative sanctions guidance see Chapter 24.


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