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Appeals from interim orders

Hearing an appeal from a judge of first instance Lady Justice Arden said, ‘The judge held that the court "naturally [paid] great respect to the view of the evidence taken by the Interim Orders Panel ("IOP") of the General Medical Council", in view of their "immense experience". I would prefer to say that the approach of the court to the opinion of the IOP is not a question of giving respect but of attaching appropriate weight to the evidence in the ordinary way. In contrast to the giving of respect, there can be no automaticity about the attaching of weight to evidence. Weight does not attach to a person's evidence by virtue only of his experience or status. The giving of weight to opinion evidence entails a holistic evaluation of the persuasiveness of the evidence on the relevant issue, having regard to all relevant circumstances including its content as well as the viewpoint of the author of the opinion.’
General Medical Council v Hiew [2007] EWCA Civ 369.


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