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Passion, Poison and Power

Brian Harris's new book, Passion, Poison and Power is now available to order online.

The Prologue to the book gives a fair taste of the content:

'Little attention was paid at the time to the death in the Tower of London of Sir Thomas Overbury, but two years later six people went to the gallows for his murder in a case which was said to involve wizardry, love potions, coded letters and a poisoned enema. Following them into the dock were the most glamorous couple at the court of King James.

'The husband, who was rumoured to be the King's lover, was convicted of Overbury's murder despite his protestations of innocence; but was he actually guilty? His pretty young wife confessed to the murder; but did she actually commit the crime? And the Lord Chief Justice was convinced that the case had a significance far wider and more sinister than appeared on the surface, possibly involving the suspicious death of the Prince of Wales.

'It has been said of this strange story that, “[T]he parties at first thought there was very little hurt. Had they foreseen that train of evils that succeeded that injustice, treachery and ingratitude; the barbarous murder they must commit to conceal the first crime; the many persons there would be a necessity of drawing into the same guilt; the lives that must be lost, and the eternal infamy that must succeed, they would surely never have engaged in such an attempt…”

'Despite an exhaustive inquiry conducted by England's most feared prosecutor the whole truth never came to light; even the official report of the trials is suspect. Nevertheless, we must do our best to understand the circumstances behind Overbury's terrible death, not just because of the light they throw on a key period of English history, but also out of our need to get to the bottom of an intriguing mystery.'

You can order Passion, Poison and Power now at the book's page on Wildy's web site.

Publication details:

ISBN13: 9780854900770
ISBN: 0854900772
Publisher: Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing
Country of Publication: UK
Binding: Hardback
To be Published: October 2010
Price: £19.99