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Statutory Committee of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Website http://www.rpsgb.org
Tribunal rules Pharmacy Act 1954, s 7
Medicines Act 1968,s 80
Pharmaceutical Society(Statutory Committee) Order of Council 1978
Code of Standards, etc Code of Ethics
Grounds for disciplinary proceedings Guilty of any criminal offence.
Such misconduct as in the opinion of the Statutory Committee renders the convicted or guilty person unfit to have his name on the register.
Powers of administrative suspension? No
Settlement/conciliation procedures available? No
Who investigates? Fitness to Practise & Legal Affairs Directorate
Power of entry/search and seizure? Yes– Professional Standards Inspectors
Power to demand information? Yes– Professional Standards Inspectors
Pre-trial hearing? No
Discovery of documents? No
Pleadings? No, but Society’s Notice of Inquiry issued 28 days before hearing
Tribunal The Statutory Committee
Address The Secretary to the Statutory Committee
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
1 Lambeth High Street
London SE1 7JN
Legally qualified chairman? Yes
Tribunal includes lay element? Yes
Tribunal has legal assessor/clerk? No
Evidence heard on oath? No
Prosecution conducted in name of The Council of Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain(if a conviction in the name of the Committee)
Prosecution usually conducted by An external solicitor or barrister
Judicial rules of evidence apply? No
Standard of proof Civil
Maximum fine No power to fine
Costs against prosecutor? No
Power to order compensation? No
Proceedings open to public? Yes
Reasons given for decisions? Yes
Published sentencing guidelines No
Where are decisions reported? Pharmaceutical Journal and Chemist and Druggist and website
Alternative to full disciplinary proceedings? Yes
Ombudsman No
Appellate tribunal High Court/Court of Session/CHRE
Is right of appeal limited? No
Costs against prosecutor? Yes
Right of appeal to prosecutor? No


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