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Clarity of allegations

A properly drafted statement of allegations will set out a summary of the facts relied upon. It would be helpful if those facts are set out concisely and in chronological order. The reader should not have to burrow through hundreds of pages of annexes in an attempt to piece together what acts are being alleged. It is the duty of the draftsman (not the reader) of a pleading or a statement of allegations to analyse the supporting evidence and to distil the relevant facts, discarding all irrelevancies. If the statement alleges that the defendant knew or ought to have known certain matters, the facts giving rise to that actual or constructive knowledge should also be set out. Thaker v Solicitors Regulation Authority [2011] EWHC 660 (Admin). (The case concerned a statement under rule 4 of the Solicitors (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 1994.)


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