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List of regulatory bodies

We are grateful to AccessToLaw for permission to reproduce this helpful list of regulatory bodies and their functions, which should be read along with the list of disciplinary and regulatory bodies reproduced in Chapter 21 ofDisciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings, fourth edition.

It should be noted that the whole of the AccessToLaw site is updated on a regular basis. For the most up-to-date version of the list, please visit AccessToLaw directly at http://www.accesstolaw.com

Advertising Standards Authority The ASA is the independent body set up by the advertising industry to police the rules laid down in the advertising codes. Its web site includes annual reports 1997 onwards; research reports; the current editions of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code), and the various other codes relating to radio and television advertising; and a searchable database of recent adjudications.
Bar Standards Board The Bar Standards Board was established in January 2006 to take over and run separately the regulatory function which had hitherto been carried out by the Bar Council alongside its representative work. Content includes the Bar Code of Conduct and the Equality and Diversity Code for the Bar, information on the complaint procedure, consultation papers and press releases.
Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales CSSIW is the body responsible for regulating and inspecting establishments and agencies which provide social care services in Wales. Links to legislation are provided in the "Regulations & Standards" section. Other sections have inspectorate reports, annual reports, newsletters, information leaflets, and details of the complaint procedure.
Care Council for Wales The Care Council, set up under the Care Standards Act 2000, is responsible for registering and regulating social workers and social care workers in Wales. Its online register is searchable. The "Conduct & Practice" section includes codes of practice, the Conduct Rules, and guidance on the complaint procedure. Other site content includes consultations, recent annual reports, newsletters and e-bulletins.
Charity Commission The Charity Commission is the regulator and registrar of charities in England and Wales. Its site has a searchable database of all registered charities, which includes records of their financial histories. Publications include Commission decisions, guidance, annual reports 1999-2000 onwards, and press releases. The links section covers both other organisations and relevant legislation.
Civil Aviation Authority The CAA regulates all aspects of civil aviation in the UK. Its functions include economic regulation, safety regulation, consumer protection, and the regulation of airports, air traffic services, airlines, tour operators and air travel organisers. In relation to air traffic services it also has competition powers. Their site has an Aviation Legislation section with links to the Air Navigation Order 2005 and other relevant legislation. Also available to download is the full text of the loose-leaf publication CAP 393: Air Navigation: the Order and the Regulations, which sets out the provisions of the Air Navigation Order as amended and regulations made thereunder.
Committee of Advertising Practice The CAP is the self-regulatory body which creates, revises and enforces the various broadcast and non-broadcast advertising codes that are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. The codes and other rules and guidance issued by the CAP may be viewed directly online or downloaded as pdf documents.
Companies House Companies House carries out a number of functions, including registration, relating to limited companies and company records in the UK. Basic company information, a list of disqualified directors, forms and guidance booklets are accessible free of charge. More detailed information and a range of other services are available as subscription services.
Competition Appeal Tribunal The Competion Appeal Tribunal (CAT), created by the Competition Act 1998, hears and decides appeals and other applications or claims involving competition or economic regulatory issues. Information and guidance on appeals to the Tribunal includes the text of the Tribunal's rules, practice directions, and judgments 2001 onwards. Note that judgments on the site may be subject to amendment: final versions are published in Competition Appeal Reports, part of United Kingdom Competition Law Reports (Jordan Publishing Limited).
Competition Commission Provides extensive information on the work of the Competition Commission and of its predecessor, the Monopolies and Mergers Commission, which it replaced in 1999. Includes terms of reference, full text reports 1950 onwards, progress reports relating to ongoing inquiries, and news releases.
Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence The CHRE, formerly the Council for the Regulation of Healthcare Professionals (CRHP), promotes best practice and consistency in the regulation of healthcare professionals by nine regulatory bodies. This includes reviewing their disciplinary decisions and, where considered appropriate, referring them to the High Court. The web site has consultations, reports, and CHRE's annual report to Parliament.
CSCI Professional The Commission for Social Care Inspection is an independent body responsible for the inspection, regulation and review of social care services in England (excluding children's services, which are currently the responsibility of Ofsted). This subsite of the main CSCI web site, designed primarily for social care professionals, provides information on registration, inspection and enforcement; links to Acts and regulations; national minimum standards; and guidance documents. Publications, in the "About CSCI" section, include annual reports, inspection reports and consultations.
Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Responsibilities of this department, created in June 2007 primarily as successor to the Department of Trade and Industry, include productivity, enterprise, business relations, company law, energy, competition, consumer policy and employment regulation. Many sections of the site, for example those on the Companies Act 2006 and on competition matters, have information on relevant legislation, with links to texts of Acts, regulations and commencement orders.
Financial Services Authority The FSA is the independent regulator for the financial services industry, which includes banks, building societies, credit unions, insurance companies, friendly societies, financial advisers, stockbrokers, fund managers, mortgage brokers and insurance intermediaries. The "FSA Library" section of its web site contains an extensive range of downloadable documents including rules and regulations, consultation papers, press releases and annual reports. Also on the site are the consolidated FSA Handbook and the FSA's register of financial services firms.
Gambling Commission The Gambling Commission was established in October 2005, under the Gambling Act 2005, to regulate all commercial gambling in Great Britain apart from spread betting and the National Lottery. Its web site has news, information and guidance, much of it in the form of downloadable documents.
Gangmasters Licensing Authority The GLA was created under the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004 to curb the exploitation of workers in the agriculture, horticulture, shellfish gathering, and associated processing and packaging industries. There are links to relevant legislation, codes of practice, guidance, newsletters, and information on licensing procedures.
General Chiropractic Council The GCC regulates chiropractors throughout the UK. The site's Publications section has annual reports, fitness to practise reports, newsletters, press releases, standards, and the full text of the Chiropractors Act 1994 and related subsidiary legislation. Details of decisions relating to registration and professional conduct may be found within the Complaints section.
General Dental Council The GDC regulates all dental professionals in the UK. The Dentists Register and Rolls of Dental Auxiliaries are searchable on its web site. Also on the site are "Standards for Dental Professionals" and other guidance documents; the GDC's various Rules; information on complaints procedures; and details of outcomes of recent hearings of the Professional Conduct Committee.
General Medical Council The GMC registers doctors to practise medicine in the UK. As from 1 April 2006 the List of Registered Medical Practitioners, a register of doctors who are eligible to work in general practice in the health service in the UK, is accessible on the web site. Relevant legislation, including a consolidated version with amendments of the Medical Act 1983, is to be found in the "About us" section, and guidance documents, including both current documents and an archive going back to 1963, in the "Guidance on Good Practice" section..
General Optical Council The GOC regulates dispensing opticians and optometrists and those bodies corporate carrying on business as optometrists or dispensing opticians. Its Register is searchable online. A Legislation section within "About Us" has the Opticians Act 1989, rules and regulations made under that Act, and codes of conduct. Details of recent disciplinary hearings may be found under "Hearings" within "Our Work".
General Osteopathic Council The GOsC regulates the profession of osteopathy and maintains the statutory register of osteopaths. Select "About the GOsC" for a link to the Osteopaths Act 1993; the current and previous code of conduct and other guidance; information on the complaint procedure and recent findings; and recent annual fitness to practise reports. The searchable online register is to be found under "Find an Osteopath".
General Social Care Council The GSCC registers social care workers in England and regulates their conduct and training. There is a searchable online Social Care Register. The codes of practice for social care workers and employers of social care workers, both of which apply not just in England but throughout the UK, are available as downloads.
General Teaching Council for England The functions of the GTC, the independent professional body for teaching in England, include maintenance of a register of qualified teachers and exercise of a regulatory role over the teaching profession. The Standards and Regulation section includes the Code of Conduct and Practice and details of recent disciplinary orders and decisions.
Health Professions Council The Health Professions Council, established under the Health Professions Order 2001, currently regulates members of thirteen professions, including chiropodists, dietitians, paramedics, physiotherapists and radiographers. The Publications section has both the original and consolidated (with amendments to date) versions of the Health Professions Order 2001, rules, standards and annual reports. The Complaints section has information on the complaint procedure and details of recent fitness to practise hearings.
Healthcare Commission The Healthcare Commission (full legal name: the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection) regulates and inspects both the NHS and the independent healthcare sector, and has responsibility for reviewing formal NHS complaints that have not been resolved locally. There are links to healthcare legislation, and extensive information on its activities, including consultations, reports, surveys, monthly newsletters and other publications. Investigation Reports, including those published by the Healthcare Commission's predecessor, the Commission for Health Improvement, back to November 2000, may be found in the section "Your Local Health Services".
Healthcare Inspectorate Wales The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales promotes improvement in the quality and safety of patient care within NHS Wales, and is also, since 1 April 2006, the regulator of independent healthcare in Wales. Publications include healthcare standards and the text of all reviews and investigations which it undertakes. There are links to legislation in the "About Us" section. The "Site Index" provides an A-Z index and a "document map" in addition to a conventional site map.
Housing Corporation The Housing Corporation is the national government agency that funds new affordable housing and regulates housing associations in England. Its "Regulatory Code and Guidance" is to be found in the "Regulating" section. Elsewhere there are consultation papers, circulars, research reports and various other publications.
Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority The HFEA was created in 1991, under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990, to regulate safe and appropriate practice in fertilisation treatment and embryo research. Its Code of Practice for clinics, and related documents, are to be found in the "How we regulate" section. Documents elsewhere, in separate sections aimed at patients, donors and clinical staff, include annual reports, research reports, news items and press releases.
Human Tissue Authority The HTA was set up under the Human Tissue Act 2004 to regulate the removal, storage, use and disposal of human bodies, organs and tissue from the living and deceased. Site content includes a section devoted to transplantation matters, licensing guidelines, codes of practice, details of current and closed consultations, media releases and news stories. Publications include annual reports, leaflets, and a regular e-newsletter. There are links to the Human Tissue Act 2004 and regulations made under it, and to the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006.
Information Commissioner's Office The Commissioner is responsible for data protection and freedom of information. On data protection this site contains the 1998 Act, annual reports 2001 onwards, codes of practice, a searchable copy of the Data Protection Register, consultation papers and press releases. On freedom of information the site contains the 2000 Act in full, documents concerning its interpretation, consultation papers and a timetable for implementation of the Act's provisions.
Legal Services Review Site of Sir David Clementi's Review of the regulation of legal services in England and Wales. Besides the Report of the Review, published 15 December 2004, there is general information about the Review and its terms of reference, press notices, a consultation paper dated 8 March 2004, and relevant publications of the Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Office of Fair Trading.
London Stock Exchange Amongst the extensive stock market information on the LSE's site is a "Rules & Regulations" section, from which the current Rules of the London Stock Exchange may be downloaded. To locate this section select first "Products & Services" and then "Membership & Trading". Also downloadable are the current AIM Rules, most easily accessed via a direct link to the AIM page from the home page.
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency The MHRA was formed in 2003 from a merger of the Medical Devices Agency and the Medicines Control Agency. The site contains information, news and documents relating to the regulation of medicines and medical devices. Within "Committees" there are sections devoted to associated advisory bodies including the Medicines Commission, the Committee on the Safety of Medicines and the British Pharmacopoeia Commission, containing annual reports and other material.
Ministry of Justice: Claims Management Regulation Regulation of claims management activities was introduced under the Compensation Act 2006 and came fully into force on 23 April 2007. As an interim measure, until the Legal Services Board is established, the regulator is the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. Content includes links to relevant legislation and rules; guidance and policy documents; consultations; and a regular bulletin, which has recently replaced an earlier series of newsletters. There is also a search facility for checking whether or not a business has been authorised.
National Lottery Commission The Lottery regulator's web site includes news releases since its inception in 1999, a newsletter, annual reports 2000-01 onwards, and links to relevant legislation.
Northern Ireland Social Care Council NISCC is the body responsible for regulating and registering the social care workforce in Northern Ireland. Select "A Guide to Registration" not only for information and guidance on registration but also to access the searchable register itself. Content elsewhere includes codes of practice, the Conduct Rules, consultations, and details of the complaint procedure.
Nursing & Midwifery Council The NMC regulates nurses and midwives and maintains a register of qualified nurses, midwives and specialist community public health nurses. The register is searchable online. The site's Fitness to Practise section includes details of hearings and decisions; links to legislation; fitness to practise annual reports; the NMC code of conduct; and circulars.
Ofcom Ofcom (the Office of Communications) is the regulator for the media and communications industries, having replaced from 29 December 2003 the Broadcasting Standards Commission, the Independent Television Commission, Oftel, the Radio Authority and the Radio Communications Agency. Its web site contains information and documents, including policy guidelines, and selected material from the former sites of the five defunct "legacy regulators". Select "Competition Bulletins" on the home page to access current and archived (back to 1996) information on Ofcom's competition and other regulatory enforcement casework.
Office of Fair Trading The OFT is an independent body which promotes and protects consumer interests and ensures that businesses are fair and competitive. General information, help and advice on the site is directed at both consumers and businesses. This includes a series of "quick guides to competition law" aimed particularly at small and medium sized businesses. Documents reproduced include press releases, reports, consultation documents and recent annual reports.
Office of Rail Regulation ORR's main function is to regulate Network Rail's stewardship of the national rail network. Like several other economic regulators it exercises, concurrently with the Office of Fair Trading, competition powers within its sector. Since 1 April 2006 it has also been the health and safety regulator for the rail industry. Its site has a wide range of information and documents, and links to railway-related legislation.
Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments OCPA was created in response to the publication in 1995 of the Nolan Committee's first report on Standards in Public Life (Cm 2850). The role of the Commissioner is to regulate, monitor, report and advise on appointments made by UK ministers and by members of the National Assembly for Wales to the boards of around 1100 national and regional public bodies. Publications on the site include annual reports 1997-98 onwards, a code of practice, a complaints leaflet and other guidance.
Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland The Commissioner regulates the process by which many of the public appointments in Northern Ireland are made. Publications on the site include annual reports 2000-01 onwards, a code of practice, a complaints leaflet and other guidance.
Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland OCPAS was set up in 2004 to regulate and monitor the way in which ministerial appointments are made to the boards of many of Scotland's public bodies. Publications on the site include annual reports 2004-05 onwards, a code of practice, a complaints leaflet and other guidance.
Office of the Legal Services Complaints Commissioner The Legal Services Complaints Commissioner is an independent government-appointed regulator who works with consumers and solicitors to improve the complaint-handling function of the Law Society of England and Wales. The site's Publications section includes guidance and annual reports.
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator OSCR is the independent regulator and registrar of Scottish charities, equivalent to the Charity Commission in England and Wales. The Scottish Charity Register may be searched on its site. Also available are annual reports, consultations and other documents. The Guidance section includes links to legislation.
Ofgem Ofgem (the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) regulates Great Britain's gas and electricity markets. The legal content on its web site includes links to relevant legislation: to access these first select "About Us", followed by "Enforcement" and then "Ofgem's Powers".
Ofsted Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) inspects education and training for learners of all ages except those in higher education institutes and universities. Since 1 April 2007 it has also been responsible for the registration, regulation and inspection of children's social care in England. All of its inspection reports are published on the site. Other sections provide news, forms and guidance, consultations, statistics, and annual reports 1995-96 onwards.
Ofwat Ofwat is the economic regulator of the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales. It also plays a role under the Competition Act 1998 in promoting competition within its sector. The extensive range of publications available on the site includes guidance leaflets, codes of practice, consultation papers, and its annual reports to Parliament.
Pensions Regulator The Pensions Regulator, created under the Pensions Act 2004, replaced the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (Opra) on 6 April 2005 as the new regulatory body for work-based pension schemes in the UK. Its site includes information, guidance, policy documents and codes of practice.
PhonepayPlus PhonepayPlus, formerly known as ICSTIS (the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of the Telephone Information Services), is the industry-funded regulatory body for all premium rate charged telecommunications services. The site's "Publications & Alerts" section includes the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice and guidelines on its interpretation and application. Elsewhere there is information on the complaint procedure and a searchable database of recent adjudications.
Postcomm Postcomm - the Postal Services Commission - is the independent regulator for postal services in the UK. The site's Legal Framework section has relevant legislation and information on codes of practice. The Policy and Consultations section has both consultation documents and the policy decisions which have followed on from consultations, and these include the texts of some codes
Press Complaints Commission The PCC is an independent body through which the British press regulates itself. It deals with complaints from members of the public about the editorial content of newspapers and magazines. Documents on its site include the PCC Code of Practice, annual reports 1996 onwards, press releases, and all adjudications (searchable) 1996 onwards.
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK, with statutory responsibilities set out in the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. The text of the Act is downloadable, and there is information and advice on recent legislative changes of relevance to veterinary surgeons. The Guide to Professional Conduct is reproduced in full, and there is a searchable register of members. Information on the complaints procedure and details of disciplinary proceedings, including findings and judgments, are to be found in the site's Visitors section.
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain The RPSGB is the professional and regulatory body for pharmacists in England, Scotland and Wales. There are searchable registers of members, of pharmacy technicians and of premises. Documents on the site include byelaws, rules and regulations, and its Code of Ethics and Standards. To locate recent determinations, select Statutory Committee (and then "Current and Recent Inquiries") within the Protecting the Public section.
Scottish Information Commissioner This site explains the rights of members of the public, and the responsibilities of public authorities, under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. A list of Appeals currently before the Commissioner, and the full text of Decisions already issued, are available. The 2002 Act is presented together with guidance regarding the various exemptions to its provisions.
Scottish Social Services Council The SSSC is responsible for regulating and registering the Scottish social service workforce. Its register is searchable online. The "Registration and Conduct" section has the codes of practice and the Conduct Rules, and there is a link in "What we do" (in the "About Us" section) to the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001, under which SSSC was set up. Other content includes consultations, details of the complaints procedure, and news.
Solicitors Regulation Authority The SRA, launched in January 2007, is the new independent regulator of solicitors in England and Wales. Its web site includes contact details, consultations, news, and the new Solicitors' Code of Conduct which replaced the previous rules of professional conduct on 1 July 2007.
Takeover Panel Web site of the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers, the regulatory body which administers the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. Documents on the site include the Code, the Rules Governing Substantial Acquisitions of Shares, current and recent public consultation papers, and annual reports 1969 onwards.
Utility Regulator The Utility Regulator is the informal name of the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR), which regulates the electricity, gas, water and sewerage industries in Northern Ireland. Like its counterpart in Great Britain, Ofgem, NIAUR also exercises powers within its sector, concurrently with the Office of Fair Trading, under the Competition Act 1998. Publications on the site include consultation papers 1996 onwards and press releases 1997 onwards.


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